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2 rue de Budapest, 44000 Nantes, France
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urbanmakers is an architecture, urbanism and design agency established in Nantes since 2010.
urbanmakers now consists in around twenty co-workers dedicated to public and private clients. After the hand-over of nearly twenty buildings mostly located in the west part of France (Nantes – Rennes – Angers – Caen), urbanmakers is now nationally involved (Paris – Bordeaux – Besançon). In 2019, urbanmakers was nominated for several awards with the Normandie-Saumurois project, for its work around the urban renewal project (Leaf Awards, prix national AMO, prix d’architecture de Bretagne).


urbanmakers is built around the cross and complementary conceptions of its partners. Antoine Motte – founding partner – is the chief architect, he defines the conceptual and architectural line. Axel Le Mintier – founding partner – is an engineer and he benefits from high performance in project management. Bruno Trovalet (partner in 2020) distinguishes himself with a fine creativity, especially highlighted during competitions.

Antoine Motte, associated partner,  DPLG architect
Born in 1975, Antoine Motte graduated from Paris-la-Seine School of Architecture. In 2001 the French architecture academy rewarded him with the best diploma award (Robert Camelot award) for “the hedgehog’s dilemma”, a project that was also prizewinner of the Europan 6 competition. Then he joined Jacques Ferrier Architecture (Paris) for a decade where he managed several projects, including large scale public and private developments. Two years in Shanghai (2004-2005) helped him improve his knowledge of international working methods and allowed him to lead the international projects of Jfa. He founded Urbanmakers in Nantes in 2010 in the belief that the historical European city is an incredible source of inspiration in terms of emotion, poetry, density and for its resilience abilities. He is passionate with materiality & symbolic meaning and has a strong interest in mixed-use buildings where several activities or people are living together. Street pleasure is extremely important for him. Antoine Motte regularly takes part into competition juries.

Axel Le Mintier, associated Partner, ESTP engineer
Born in 1976, Axel graduated from Paris ESTP Civil engineering school in 2000. After four years as engineering consultant for Altran group working on buildings Project Ownership Assistance
he joined real estate development companies (Cil Atlantique, Atrealis and then  Ataraxia) where he gained housing operational experience through project contracting of several residential developments in the west part of France.
Actively involved in city development, he is always looking for the best compromise and good relationships between cities, planners and architects. This active participation in urban territory transformation increases his architecture sensitivity.
He co-founded urbanmakers in 2010 where mathematical and quantitative approach and his rationality are dedicated to the design. He ensures the plan accuracy, consistency of the project between shapes and use and cost control. Having a global view on the project he is the conductor during study phases. Axel does have a strong sensitivity to space reversibility, especially for ground floors.

Bruno Trovalet, partner, DE HMONP architect
Born in 1985, Bruno graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture (National School of Architecture) in Nantes. He started studying civil engineering for 3 years mainly in Denmark, and this Scandinavian experience was a real eye-opener for him: with the willingness to broaden the scope, he naturally moves towards architecture & urban planning.
Eager to face challenges, Bruno takes part in several student competitions, and is awarded to the Construire Acier contest. He has joined urbanmakers as a young graduate since its launch in 2010 and has quickly become the historical partner, showing his ability to lead projects of various scales according to the agency growth (student housing in Rennes, school equipment, large scale housings). In 2019 the restaurant project Canopée proves his sense of aesthetics and his real talent for interior design. Bruno is a fabric, colors and lights enthusiastic. He has a strong interest in spaces sensuality, focusing on their arrangement abilities. Perceiving architecture as a link between various areas, Bruno is fond of design teamwork, gathering several experts around the same project.

Antoine Motte, founding partner, DPLG architect
Antoine Motte
Axel Le Mintier, founding partner, managing director, ESTP engineer
Axel Le Mintier
Bruno Trovalet, partner, DE HMONP architect
Bruno Trovalet
Ronan Jacq, DE HMONP architect, project manager
Ronan Jacq
Benoit Peigné, DE HMONP architect, project manager
Benoit Peigné
Sabrina Cathelin, DE HMONP architect, project manager
Sabrina Cathelin
Fabian Godineau-Le Roy, DE HMONP architect, project manager
Fabian Godineau-Le Roy
Ehsan Farooghi, DE architect, BIM manager
Ehsan Farooghi
Pauline Monte, DE architect, project assistant
Pauline Monte
Marc Lalonde, DE HMONP architect, project assistant
Marc Lalonde
Christophe Dubois, DE HMONP architect, project assistant
Christophe Dubois
Nicolas Huon, DE architect, project assistant
Nicolas Huon
Florian Hameau, project assistant
Florian Hameau
Gael Abou Sejaan, trainee, DE architect
Gael Abou Sejaan
Alexis Madeline, construction economist
Alexis Madeline
Alexis Boyard, construction operations manager
Alexis Boyard
Stanislas Dervaux, junior works supervisor
Stanislas Dervaux
Marie Bahuaud, executive assistant
Marie Bahuaud
Christie Medina-Gonzalez, executive assistant
Christie Medina-Gonzalez
Sarah Lemercier, communication & calls for tender
Sarah Lemercier
Milan Toupart, trainee
Milan Toupart

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Our 260 Sqm office is located in the city center of Nantes consist in a large open-space called the « lab », a meeting room, a model workshop.