VR, 19/01/2021

we deliver virtual reality experience to our clients in order to better understand the project

visite chantier

visite chantier, 15/01/2021

A few months before delivery, presentation of Névéa&Alba to the elected officials of the Saint-Herblain.

throwback thursday

throwback thursday, 07/01/2021

Normandie Saumurois  was delivered in 2017. Since then, the ZAC of the same name has seen the development of the various programs that now complement it, thus offering a multitude of new ways of living, thus promoting intergenerational diversity and conviviality.


competition, 03/01/2021

urbanmakers is selected by Silene to compete by Silene on the Salengro plot in Saint-Nazaire.

happy new year

happy new year, 01/01/2021

we wish you lots of exciting new projects!


competition, 21/12/2020

urbanmakers is selected by the RIVP to participate in the competition on the Croisset islet, Porte de Clignancourt. We are very pleased to compete in collaboration with BC architects & studies.

work in progress

work in progress, 13/11/2020

following the installation of the prefabricated caissons – integrating wood framing, insulation and windows – the installation of the aluminium cladding has just started on the facade of Le Galinet.

the economist

the economist, 03/11/2020

Alexis Madeline joins urbanmakers to develop the BIM economy of the agency’s projects, a new step in the 100% BIM orientation taken in 2014.

construction site

construction site, 29/09/2020

look back at the genesis of the Névéa et Alba project and its concrete that looks like tuffeau Find the video interview of the architects here


visit, 15/09/2020

our thanks to LCA for opening their doors and allowing us to assist to the manufacture of the wooden wall boxes which will be installed in the coming days on Galinet in Blain.

Novabuild annual meeting

Novabuild annual meeting, 04/09/2020

general assembly, speeches, lunch and reflection workshops around low-carbon strategies in the sector, development and real estate in Pays de la Loire.

the third man

the third man, 22/07/2020

first waged employee, in 2010, the year of the creation of urbanmakers, Bruno Trovalet has now become a partner alongside Antoine Motte and Axel Le Mintier.


Mirabeau, 21/07/2020

Brest Métropole Habitat selected us to compete for the construction of 29 housings in Brest.

Paris 20th district

Paris 20th district, 14/07/2020

we have been chosen by Paris Habitat to participate to the architectural competition whose subject is the rehabilitation and upgrading of facades (7000m²) boulevard Mortier in Paris.


inspiration, 13/07/2020

height, seam and bow window was our proposal for Jules Verne   competition in Rennes, for Bati Armor and Lamotte.
Dongeon plan of the Cesar tower in Provins (77), 1150.

construction site

construction site, 22/06/2020

in Verrière-en-Anjou, where the agency is building 38 social rental housing units for Angers Loire Habitat. La Baronnerie.


laureates, 18/06/2020

our agency won the competition organized by the SAHLM Les Foyers company, for the creation of a Youth Habitat Residence with 50 housing units in Dinan : A bio-based project combining straw and wood wool insulation which also highlights local know-how with the use of chestnut tree shingles.


#architectmodel, 15/06/2020

the model of the Armorique competition in Rennes. 3D printing made at the agency workshop.

bird view

bird view, 02/06/2020

of the Névéa&Alba site which took over a few days ago.

just in time

just in time, 21/05/2020

at the beginning of February, in Couëron (44), we delivered the Chlorophylle program, 74 housings for SNC Marignan Résidences.


laureates, 15/04/2020

we are delighted to learn that our agency with YLÉ architectes have been chosen by Logirep for the construction of 100 social housing  in the ZAC of Tartres in Saint-Denis (93). the project : Les Tartres

ADC AWARDS 2020 selection

ADC AWARDS 2020 selection, 06/04/2020

Canopée is nominated in the indoor-cafe / bar / restaurant category. Awarding of prizes in september, stay tuned!

1st skype meeting agency

1st skype meeting agency, 20/03/2020

telecommuting is operational for the whole team, you can count on us. Good luck to everyone!

urbanmakers in Vendange soon

urbanmakers in Vendange soon, 10/03/2020

Urbanmakers is the winner of the architectural competition for the construction of 38 rental housings in the Vendange joint development zone in Verrière-en-Anjou.

book 2020

book 2020, 26/02/2020

the agency’s book has just been released!

research phase

research phase, 25/02/2020

it was this winter, in the research phase, during the Villa des Tulipes competition

welcome by the river

welcome by the river, 22/02/2020

the 7 houses of Bords de Loire have been delivered to their future owners. ©Patrick Miara

construction in progress

construction in progress, 11/02/2020

Névéa & Alba :35 structural workers – 10,000m³ of concrete including 1,200m³ of white concrete.


meanwhile…, 15/01/2020

on Bertrand Geslin street, the scaffolding is just starting to be dismantled, revealing the immaculate facade of Villa Côme


#Bricks, 12/01/2020

the facade of Bel&Co is taking shape – delivery to future buyers scheduled for March.

happy new year

happy new year, 06/01/2020

et happy birthday! cette année est toute particulière car nous fêtons nos 10 ans!

a year later…

a year later…, 20/11/2019

The association Maison de l’Architecture et des espaces en Bretagne organised yesterday a visit to the headquarters of the CPAM of Morbihan, in Vannes, for which Jacques Ferrier architecture had entrusted us with the DET mission.


opening, 20/11/2019

after eight months of work, we are proud to announce the opening of “Canopée“, a bar-restaurant located in the centre of Nantes. A place steeped in history that we have had the pleasure of rethinking in order to create a warm and elegant venue © C-H.Paysan

Urban renewal in Caen

Urban renewal in Caen, 19/10/2017

We are selected by ‘Caen la mer habitat’ for the construction of social housing, in the sector of Clos-Joli in Caen.  The north-east urban renewal has started couple of years from now. After consultation with the city public services and the citizen impacted by the future developments, it has been decided to demolish four pavilions for the construction of 18 housing of two floors. In total, 48 housings.

imminent move-in

imminent move-in, 06/09/2017

Beginning of October, Rennes students will move into one of the 150 rooms of the Normandie-Saumurois hall of residence.

Urban barbecue

Urban barbecue, 17/07/2017

Before the summer break, the whole urbanmakers team is having lunch under the Titan crane.

metal frame

metal frame, 13/07/2017

On the road to Caen, in Ifs, the frame of the Relais de la Poste is emerging progressively. 20 housings and shops for Les Foyers Normands will be handed over in 2018.

fresh and beautiful

fresh and beautiful, 29/06/2017

The new website is online : new design, smooth navigation, refined theme, we hope you like it!

guided tour

guided tour, 27/06/2017

as part of the handover of the 5th part of the ZAC des Vignes in Les Sorinières (44). Our Nouvel Air project: 34 affordable housings for the CISN Atlantique group.

pack your sports bag

pack your sports bag, 22/06/2017

Work is progressing in time! Petit Port leisure center will be delivered by school start. All the equipments such as fencing fields or martial arts rooms are delivered progressively. Nantes licensees will start again their activities in a brand-new environment.

happy anniversary

happy anniversary, 14/06/2017

to celebrate its 5th anniversary, Le Nid is organizing activities for young and old. Ask for the program ©Stéphane Chalmeau

attiring and preparing

attiring and preparing, 03/06/2017

The Normandie Saumurois tower will handover at the end of summer. 150 student housings, business and retail spaces, 183 parking spaces and 12 houses on top of the car park. Follow the finishing touches thanks to the on-site webcam.

straight to Besançon

straight to Besançon, 01/05/2017

We are the happy winners of the architectural competition organized by the Sedd for the construction of housings, business and retail spaces in the Triangle de Coligny in Besançon. See more here

aerial view

aerial view, 26/11/2016

24 months will be necessary to build the new headquarters of the Morbihan health insurance fund. The project handover is planned for February 2018. 13000 sqm HEQ certified consisting in modular spaces with adjustable blind systems, a contemplation patio… architect: Jacques Ferrier Architecture, project management: urbanmakers photo ©cpam

nouvelles architecture en métal

nouvelles architecture en métal, 21/11/2016

Be Positive project has been published in the “Nouvelles architectures en metal” book, éditions du Moniteur.

1st step of the competition: ok!

1st step of the competition: ok!, 01/11/2016

we have been shortlisted for the construction of 130 housing in Bellevue district in Nantes…